For five big skin choose pink

For oily skin of women, the biggest problem is face always functional oil, the pink face is very easy to appear makeup “flower”.Mac cosmetics wholesale  Accordingly, suggest that this kind of female choice marked “Oil – copy” type of powdery bottom, this kind of product showed silicon (organic silicon) resin particles as moisturizing ingredients. In daub before powdery bottom should first oil-control again shangfen, from clean to maintain all USES oil-control series products, and then hit powdery bottom, finally with honey powder calm makeup.

Oil-control Tips:

1 in the morning, before going to work, with ice or frozen toner apply to face about 3 minutes, make skin surface temperature drop, the oil phenomenon will be obvious inhibition.

2 and carry a paper of oil absorption face, cheap makeup brushes  when face “extensive oil”, use first paper of oil absorption face absorb redundant grease, then fill makeup.

Second-ranking mix skin

T word place that gives oil easily, two buccal dry is mix skin troubles, belong to this kind of skin of women in the choice of powdery bottom and protect skin to taste very similar, traditional approach is: in love gives oil the T word place daub water-based formula of oil free powdery bottom, in two buccal drier place daub protect wet model powdery bottom.  wholesale mac cosmetics Or you can choose to a new generation of this kind of pink intelligent powdery bottom, specially for mix skin design: in greasy parts, which can effectively control oil secretion and causes the glossy parts dumb light, For dry place, can timely moist skin, saves the daub twice trouble.

Makeup Tips:

1, if you use two kinds of powdery bottom, pay attention to the powdery bottom color belong to the same as uniform number, don’t let your face into palette.

2, finally with honey powder calm makeup, maintain the unity of tonal, colour and lustre.

Second-ranking dry skin

Dry skin in daub pink often appears this situation: powdery bottom just a daub onto his face, the skin is dry peeling, pieces because uneven mottled, not only has not been modified face role, but gild the lily. To this kind of skin, daub before powdery bottom should use protect wet latex skin care, and then select moist model powdery bottom makeup. mac cosmetics outlet  These powdery bottom usually joined the protects skin moistening elements, have very good moist sense, the luminosity is good, but the only fly in the ointment was hiding power relatively weak.

Moisturizing Tips:

1 and when the facial makeup appear dry skin, you can use without oil hydrating gel or emulsion to makeup empress filling water. As long as the dip in with the hand a bit pat on the cheek suddenly and violently skin or canthus occurrence microgroove place, can quickly remove these unpleasant.

2, long-term is in air conditioning environment of female should carry moisture spray, in their make-up before spray to the face evenly, according to dry with paper towel again after daub pink copy.

To have acne, splash, black rim of the eye problems skin, should choose opaque coverage model powdery bottom. discount mac cosmetics This kind of pink texture is sticky, not only covering power is strong, waterproof and endurance pretty good also. In daub pink should match use concealer. Tu concealer is a very cultured thing, like carelessly easily modify liquid as floats in the face. First of all, should be in finish makeup use concealer point to namely stop;, Then use stomach gently pat flaw position, make the concealer evenly apply during make-up.

Makeup Tips:

1, use concealer not bear will concealer dizzy leave, otherwise you’ll be won’t cover defects.

2, finally using loose powder calm makeup, if you omit this step will make concealer particularly eye-catching.

Second-ranking wrinkle skin

To have obvious wrinkles skin, it is the first requirement that choose powdery bottom has enough moist force, to ensure that all day also won’t take makeup feeling dry. cheap mac makeup  2 it is powdery bottom to have very good ductility, can smooth wrinkles part and won’t produce accumulation phenomenon. Avoid by all means is to conceal wrinkles and choose heavy strong coverage model powdery bottom, that would be like with masks as unnatural. A lot of brands specially developed can magical cover wrinkles powdery bottom series, characteristic is can pass light refraction “traction” open wrinkles, from feeling on the vision as wrinkles becomes shallow.

Makeup Tips:

1 and in the eye, law grains such as wrinkles obvious parts must with “pat” gesture daub pink, such will let foundation naturally changed.the wrinkles. Don’t use daub way, so easy to produce the phenomenon of unevenness to make wrinkles are more obvious.

2, from the beginning, face along the central facial natural growth direction from the alar into two buccal is kneaded powdery bottom, discount mac cosmetics the direction of direction will let foundation the most natural, most can conceal aging trace.

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