Eyelash creams manuals

Thick model eyelash creams, make the eye appears more full and profound.

Grow type eyelash creams, gently wink, add a true friendship.all the clever nifty flavor,  let your smiling eyes granule is carved reveal infinite amorous feelings.

Roll become warped eyelash creams, create a barbie doll like dream big-eyed, direct to catch him heart.

Come with me! Own couldn’t believe the perfect eyelash effect. Whole makeup look shining point in this.

1. Must use eyelash clip

Eyelash clip can avoid asians eyelash prolapse, let an eye look deep. Never exaggerated stiffly pulling eyelash. cheap makeup brushes  Beautiful eyelash not only only is the root, but the roll become warped eyelash root to eyelash from tip, into three segments separately roll become warped.

2. A wide range of fan-shaped effect most ideal

Will eyelash eyelash root, placed around move gently with coating. This time is needs attention, is not merely the pure by upwards, but to eye end from canthus along the big area of fan-shaped for coating.

3. Next eyelash besmear to be more careful

Besmear next eyelash besmear canthus place eyelash and method, mainly use eyelash brush similar to the front.  When besmear to brush a head not too near eyelash root, in order to avoid paste cling to the skin, and avoid eyelash stick together to each other. Eyelash comb and a swab can help you remove excess paste and defile.

4. “shaft with eyelash creams” make eyelash more thick coils become warped

If you want more dense more roll become warped eyelash, can shaft with eyelash creams, will wool brushs front alignment eyelash root. Feels like “; in eyelash creams brush on holding eyelash to move up and down “. This will make it exists in the side brush besmear eyelash fluid, scoring and ranking cloth in all on eyelash.

DIY eyelash

Believe that most women have been asked this question: if drift into a desert island, your body can only take a colour makeup article, you will take? The answer is: 90% of people will choose eyelash creams. Remember my childhood, a schoolgirl eyelash to grow very good-looking, black and dense grow again become warped, blink…

The makeup of first meet

For the first time, must look like a goddess nobility, firmly attracting eyeballs. Key: 1, eye wateryly; god is, Mac cosmetics wholesale 2, gentle, pink lips, 3, hands to clean. Key: beautiful 1 and the black eyeliner. Fine surplus In the eyes of the first impression is very important, should meet with black eyeliner stroke…

For five big skin choose pink

For oily skin of women, the biggest problem is face always functional oil, the pink face is very easy to appear makeup “flower”.Mac cosmetics wholesale  Accordingly, suggest that this kind of female choice marked “Oil – copy” type of powdery bottom, this kind of product showed silicon (organic silicon) resin particles as moisturizing ingredients. In…

Eyes, how to decorate just perfect

Small eyes Modification methods: in eye end leave a little white place.  Eyeliner when eye end to slightly upward, use eyelash oil let eyelashes look longer, eye end want tu2 white some. Eyeliner, will the central part of thick, use some darker eye shadow, etc in eye end slightly above, and lightly to besmear becomes…

Conspicuous evening makeup Mejia person

You want how to work the makeup look into a party in compelling focus? Powdery bottom changes of use is the most basic ring. Morning when making up, Mac cosmetics wholesale  you should first think good evening want to present colour effect, then choose relatively light powdery bottom block defect, cover the face of spots…

5 winning suit interview success step update

As always FuShi attendance machine mirror: wholesale mac cosmetics Comments: the collocation of the suit, the merger of shallow tan white suit pure and black suit, sedate, more suitable for color of skin fair-skinneds in vain. Can choose collocation a white vest. The girl believe: heart such as mirrors, mac cosmetics outlet always FuShi frequently.…

Home mascara: mascara become new fashion

Mascara oil sales in Japan market has boomed, Mac cosmetics wholesale because more and more Japanese women believe, mascara can make eyelash is thick and dense, appear more big, and her eyes looked big eyes can certainly attract members of the opposite sex. According to kyodo news agency reported in a few years ago, mac…

Wholesale mac cosmetics: perfect appeared in charming saling makeup

FanXiaoXuan was singing the song of health, the leap “small hag” became her nickname, carefree appearance lets people ignore the real FanXiaoXuan. Years later, FanXiaoXuan abandon all honor and aura, remove mask, luxuriant, while sir is turned a music pioneer is outstanding, the front-runner, and became unruly band divas. She look like her singing, but…