Eyes, how to decorate just perfect

Small eyes

Modification methods: in eye end leave a little white place.  Eyeliner when eye end to slightly upward, use eyelash oil let eyelashes look longer, eye end want tu2 white some.

Eyeliner, will the central part of thick, use some darker eye shadow, etc in eye end slightly above, and lightly to besmear becomes obscure ideology. Draws two become double line.

Use black or gray eyebrow pencil in the upper eye draws two very natural line, causing double line. Painted eye shadow, use brown eye shadow pen in the upper eyelid lightly besmear becomes obscure ideology.

Swollen YanPao

Is the upper eyelid adipose thicker or eyelid contains moisture more, make eye peep out surface radian is not obvious, a person appear dropsy lax no spirit.

Modification methods: use level shading, with brunet eye shadow from the eyelash root upward shading, gradually fade.  Eyebrow bone parts with bright color, swollen YanPao people do not use red series eye shadow. Look line inside and outside canthus slightly wider than the eye contour, eye end, the eyes of central eyeliner to slim and straight, minimize the radian. Look below the eye end slightly rough, canthus slightly thin.

Pouch outstanding

Outstanding people puffiness ptosis, adipose accumulation, make the person feels rising, lack vitality age.

Modification methods: eye shadow colour appropriate soft shallow, unfavorable over-emphasized, generally should choose coffee and cream-colored, Eyeliner: look line of canthus slightly thin, eye end slightly wide,  wholesale mac cosmetics line of canthus painted slightly downward picture, eyes wide and central appropriate flat, avoid is painted into arc.

Fine eyes shape

Fine eyes of fractal characteristic is slender, always have eyes narrowed eye feeling, make a person appear gentle is exquisite, but owe lively.

Modification methods: appropriate is used slant warm color eye shadow emphasize, using level shading methods, the upper eyelid eye shadow from eyelid edge by 2 mm parts upward dizzy catch, the lower eyelid eye shadow from eyelash lateral downward shading slightly wider some; mac cosmetics outlet  The upper eyelid place USES white eyeliner painted, reoccupy black eyeliner in eyelash lateral painted wide some of eye end, look line slightly to rise, were slightly curved line. (figure)


Wide eyelid is characteristic of eyelid is too wide, make black eyeball proportion decrescent, often makes a person appear eye big have god, but no spirit, lack of spirit.

Modification methods: use brunet eye shadow close eyelash root outward dizzy catch, with bright color below brow, discount mac cosmetics Look line along eyelash root lines painted, carefully, line painted in eyelash root medial eyelid.

Conspicuous evening makeup Mejia person

You want how to work the makeup look into a party in compelling focus? Powdery bottom changes of use is the most basic ring. Morning when making up, Mac cosmetics wholesale  you should first think good evening want to present colour effect, then choose relatively light powdery bottom block defect, cover the face of spots…

5 winning suit interview success step update

As always FuShi attendance machine mirror: wholesale mac cosmetics Comments: the collocation of the suit, the merger of shallow tan white suit pure and black suit, sedate, more suitable for color of skin fair-skinneds in vain. Can choose collocation a white vest. The girl believe: heart such as mirrors, mac cosmetics outlet always FuShi frequently.…

Home mascara: mascara become new fashion

Mascara oil sales in Japan market has boomed, Mac cosmetics wholesale because more and more Japanese women believe, mascara can make eyelash is thick and dense, appear more big, and her eyes looked big eyes can certainly attract members of the opposite sex. According to kyodo news agency reported in a few years ago, mac…

Wholesale mac cosmetics: perfect appeared in charming saling makeup

FanXiaoXuan was singing the song of health, the leap “small hag” became her nickname, carefree appearance lets people ignore the real FanXiaoXuan. Years later, FanXiaoXuan abandon all honor and aura, remove mask, luxuriant, while sir is turned a music pioneer is outstanding, the front-runner, and became unruly band divas. She look like her singing, but…